Mainstays Retro C-Spring Metal Chair, Red

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This Mainstays Retro Metal Chair will add a bright addition to your outdoor decor. The powder-coated frame makes it durable in all weather. It features an attractive floral motif and bold colors. This C-spring red metal chair offers is easy to assemble and maintain.

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by hikbikrun

Sturdy...easy to assemble...nice looking... I bought four so far...plan to buy more..

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Reminds me of my grandparents

by Moonbat99

My grandparents had chairs similar to these years ago on their porch. Loved those chairs and was really curious if forty dollars would buy anything resembling those. I think the answer is yes... ask me in ten years! Item is no longer in stock online but I was able to find a store about 25 miles away that had them. I hope Walmart will order more of them because they seem to be an excellent value for the money! Maybe I should have bought two. But I wasn't sure if I would like them until after I assembled the first one. Speaking of assembly, I didn't find the chair to be at all difficult to put together. Yes, the instructions could be better but that seems to be the norm these days. I would say it took no more than twenty minutes once I had all the parts unpacked. A second one would take about half as long to assemble now that I know what all goes where. Now if grandma was still around to serve me Kool Aid I would feel like I had stepped back into the late 1960's!

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Excellent Chairs!

by ReeRee

The chairs are pretty easy to assemble, a little help needed. As others have said they are sturdy. You should also get sand bags to keep wind from flipping them. Ours got flipped, I used finger nail polish to cover scratches. (Red & white). The sand bags can be found in the auto section at Walmart. We used 2 (12Lbs. )Bags. Leave everything loose, when putting together, then tighten when done. The chairs look like the picture on Walmart site when finished.

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retro chair

by Sandy

I purchase 2 of these chairs. Love them .Very comfortable. These chairs remind me of my childhood.

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Reto outside chairs

by Marty

Got them fast but one of them didn't have the holes to put the screws in of course it was the last thing I did so now it's put together but can't use it i called the number to get the new seat ordered it over a week ago still have not got it it only took 2 days to get them in the first place very disappointed

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