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Discover How You Can Help Other, Yourself and Hurricane Harvey Survivors while gaining over 600 products to use or profit from while helping others.
29th of July 2017 08:00 AM Link
As I approach my 70th Birthday, I wanted to include the SheSheds Community in this year's 10th annual celebration. I know it is not specifically a SheSheds thing, however, I am sure all of you have hobbies and may even dabble a bit in online marketing. You will find the site Emma has disclosed will have MANY items related to hobbies, gardening, decorating, holidays and much more you might find of use. Group members will want to be sure to watch this whole video. Emma is letting the cat out of the bag with this video when she lets everyone in on one of the secrets (https://goo.gl/gQUAGc) behind the past 10 years of the Nicheprof's Birthday Bonanza Celebrations. Watch the entire video and feel free to share with others who may be struggling online or finding empty purses and wallets as they try to keep up with all of the new products being offered to them. A SPECIAL NOTE about this year's bundles: I'll have the Media Asset Bundle posted within the next 72 hours. In addition, you'll see starter packs for the remaining 4 bundles and a special all-inclusive price which will expire ar midnight, July 31st
12th of April 2017 02:55 PM
An interesting piece about Shedworking and garden offices in France (and all in French) including quotes from me in GA Smart Building. Here is a snippet of me in action: Translation follows - "The industrial revolution has transformed the organization of work. Today, most of us are forced to travel every day to" factory offices "before returning home. Let me return to a tradition of working at home and the family industries that existed before ... This allows for a space of oneself and avoids that the family and the animals invade your place of work Psychologically, This creates a real distinction between professional and personal life and it is much more fun to choose what his office will look like and to be free to go there dressed as you wish The garden office is a kind of sanctuary Which releases the pressures of modern life! " http://www.shedworking.co.uk/2017/04/shedworking-et-si-on-travaillait-mieux.html
12th of April 2017 07:07 AM
From the Archives: Lloyd Alter shares this innovative garden office shed to inspire you http://www.treehugger.com/modular-design/habitable-polyhedron-garden-office-by-manual-villa.html
10th of April 2017 08:46 AM Link
When you get some time, be sure to join our Sheds and Gardens Group to receive additional files and information which may be of interest to this community.
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Even though this isn't a "She Shed" I thought you would be interested in this very handy guide to creating a shed workshop from Waltons https://www.waltons.co.uk/blog/how-to-turn-shed-into-workshop
9th of April 2017 08:46 AM Link
But friendship is the breathing rose, with sweets in every fold. Oliver Wendell Holmes, Sr.
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Just one of the newly archived podcasts to our Sheds and Gardens Group
8th of April 2017 06:34 PM Link
Discover these tips and tricks for preparing your soil for the Spring planting season that I just posted to Our Sheds and Gardens Group
8th of April 2017 06:27 PM Link
I just shared these great D-I-Y plans for garden planters in our Sheds and Gardens Group
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Solar sheds are becoming popular in Maine. This is an article about a partnership between an Amish shed builder and solar providers. http://bangordailynews.com/2017/04/08/homestead/collaboration-between-amish-builders-solar-company-results-in-solar-shed/
8th of April 2017 03:09 PM Link
Thanks to Ulrika Vikberg for posting this. I thought I would share it with the community here. Enjoy!
7th of April 2017 05:09 PM Link
7th of April 2017 05:09 PM Link
6th of April 2017 09:47 AM Link
Do you sometimes think your shed plans are up in the air? If you do, just remember this shed and smile;-)
6th of April 2017 04:47 AM Link
Do you think you have Britain's best garden shed? Now’s the chance to show off your garden building and enter into the 2017 Shed of the Year competition.

Shed of the Year celebrates the Great British garden shed, and showcases the most innovative and inspiring spaces around the country.

To enter, all you need to do is submit a minimum of two images, including external and internal photos along with a description of your shed.

Entry to the Shed of the Year competition is now open and closes on 15th May 2017, and is set to appear on Channel 4’s Amazing Shed Spaces Shed of the Year show.
3rd of April 2017 10:31 AM Link
If you are considering building your own shed, deck, patio or other structures for your backyard retreat, please keep in mind the findings and don't put yourself into a position where you have to tear down the structure you've worked so hard to build. http://www.shedworking.co.uk/2017/04/shedworkers-avoid-getting-permission.html
2nd of April 2017 05:11 PM Link
The next time you are thinking about traveling to Tasmania and looking for a place to stay, consider the Big Shed which is owned by Ron Brooks, an artist and children’s book author and illustrator who has called Huonville home for 24 years, and lives with his wife Yvonne and son Hanno, 4, further up the hill on the family’s 1ha property.

Brooks created Big Shed House as a way for Tasmanians and interstate and overseas guests to better explore the Huon region.

The one-bedroom property mixes old and new, and brims with quirky accents and hidden treasures. http://www.themercury.com.au/lifestyle/tasweekend-huon-valley-shed-turns-heads/news-story/14b0b17337237b6f9087ca93f0c87761
2nd of April 2017 04:45 PM Link
An Article from today's Sunday Times. You may need to register to read the full article. If you choose the free registration option, you will have free access to two articles per week without a paid subscription
2nd of April 2017 11:40 AM Link
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