A SheSheds.info Gardening TipThis week’s gardening tips: Lettuce can be direct seeded into the garden now. Good cultivars include Black-seeded Simpson, Oakleaf, Redsails, Cos Romaine, Buttercrunch and many others. There’s still time to plant other greens, such as mustard, collard and turnip.

To remove unattractive foliage, rejuvenate the plants and control growth, clip ground covers now before new growth appears. Liriope, monkey grass, ferns (if browned back by freezes), wedelia, Japanese ardisia and Asiatic jasmine, among others, can be cut back with a lawn mower adjusted to its highest setting (make sure the blade is sharp), a string trimmer or even hedge clippers. Selectively remove unattractive leaves on aspidistra (cast iron plant) and holly ferns by hand.

Pick snow peas frequently. Ideally, the pods should be harvested when flat before the seeds begin to enlarge.

Continue to regularly mow lawns overseeded with annual ryegrass. Warm temperatures and rainfall will make it grow rapidly.

At this time of year, you may find blooming calla lilies available in pots at area nurseries. The white-flowered Zantedeschia aethiopica is a reliable, long-lived perennial here. Plant calla lilies into beds that receive sun in the morning and shade in the afternoon. They grow well in wet soil and can be used in aquatic gardens and around ponds.

Dan Gill is a horticulturist with the LSU AgCenter.

Source: This week’s gardening tips: sow lettuce seeds, cut back ground covers, pick snow peas

A SheSheds.info Gardening Tip for using Morning Glories

If you want your landscape to look colorful and bright with flowers and have been wondering on what are the fast growing flowers or type of flowers to be planted then annual flowers is the answer. “Morning Glory”, popularly known as “Heavenly Blue” are the best annual flowers for your garden. These fast growing star shaped flowers belong to the Convolvulaceae family that blooms in morning and closes by noon. The most common colors in glories include blue, purple, yellow, white and red. Morning Glory are called fence flowers as they are used to cover fence and walls of the garden, Being a very fast growing plant, it takes just a few days to grow.

Here are some gardening tips to grow Morning Glory.

Gardening tips for Morning Glory are:

1.Morning glories require good sunlight but less water so grow these annual flowers in place which gets good sunlight and where the soil is relatively dry.

2.If you planning to sow seeds then soak the seeds for atleast 24 hours before you sow.

3.While sowing seeds see to it that you plant atleast two to three seeds about an inch deep so that you will insured that either of the three will grow .

4.These annual flowers have tender stem so they would require support to grow so provide a good support to the plant with the help of a twine when it is upto 10 feet high.

5.Morning Glories do not require much of care as they easily grow in any weather condition. Spraying fertilizers and pruning is also not necessary for these plants.

6.The seeds of these flowers may be toxic so advise your children to keep away from these seeds.

7.Even though glory is an annual plant, it will keep re-planting itself by dispersal of its seeds so keep a check as it may not take very long to spread to the entire garden.

These are the gardening tips for morning glory plant.

Source: Gardening Tips For Morning Glory Plant